We have large post and rail fields and most of them have decent sized hedges to help protect the horse against the elements.

We keep our horse in herds of about 10 - 12 and no less than 3 so that if 1 horse needs to be brought in for any reason, there is never a horse left on its' own.

Our Nursery Field has 9 foot high hedges on 3 sides with stud fencing all round and is right next to the yard, so we can keep a close eye on your foal during his first few days. It's also handy if your foal needs to be kept in for any reason, he can still see any friends he might have chummed up with!

We have a floodlit all weather 30m x 45m ménage and a secure high fenced lunge pen.

We have good off road riding round our own fields and also access to over 100 acres of nearby headland verges.