Weanling/Youngster Livery

We take youngsters from any age and generally wean from around 6months+. We always try to have other foals of the same age to wean together as we find this less stressful for them. Mares coming in to be weaned are generally on site for a minimum of a week before being weaned to allow both to settle in with new horses and find a friend.

From experience we find that leaving the foals in their field and moving the mares to the next-door field where they can still see and touch each other but not drink, is the best way to wean as it is the less stressful for both mum and foal. After about a week or so, the mares or foals with their new pals are moved out of sight of each other and life goes on as normal without much whinnying!

The new weanlings then spend the winter in a lovely sheltered field with plenty of hay and food and regular handling.

We cater for youngsters up till the age of 3 or 4, or whenever you decide you wish to back him. Well behaved colts may stay until they are 2!