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FHS Whatatodo (AES)


26 Apr 2018






Bold and charismatic chap with oodles of presence and movement! Recently awarded Elite at the Futurity Evaluations with 9 for the veterinary assessment and 9.25 for his trot and canter. He is the obvious choice for the serious dressage rider to achieve recognition at the very top of the game.

His sire, Belissimo M is world renowned for producing Grand Prix horses and has no less than 40 licensed sons and also his daughter Bella Rose who is competing under Isabel Werth.

His dam, Whatapallaver is currently competing at PSG having changed from eventing only 3 years ago at novice level, proving that she is very willing and capable of being trained to a high level in a short space of time. Her sire, Le Duc comes from the Trakehner line, injecting some well match blood into the mix.

To see more photos, video and description from his Futurity Evaluation click here

Family Tree

FHS Whatatodo (AES) Belissimo M (RHINE) Beltain (HANN) Bolero (HANN) Black Sky(xx)
Baronesse (HANN)
Ganseliesel (HANN) Grande (HANN)
Marbel (HANN)
Roxa (RHINE) Romadour II (WEST) Alme (SF)
Undine (RHINE)
Lady (WEST) Lucius (XX)
Welfe (WEST)
Whatapallaver (TBF) Le Duc (TBF) EH. Anduc (TBF) EH. Marduc (TBF)
Angelique (TBF)
Liga (TBF) Pregel (TBF)
Linde III (TBF)
Whatacarryon (XX) Strong Gale (XX) Lord Gayle (XX)
Sterntau (XX)
Continuity Lass (XX) Continuation (XX)
Cloudlass (XX)